About Farm and Melon Cultivation

Hokusei Chisan is the first real estate merged with agriculture.

The temperature difference is quite extream in Furano, but it is the hint to make best quality of melon and it produce the sweetness.

Let's Lead a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle
pure white
pure white
Fresh! Juicy!
Sweet! Popular kind "Megumi" is very sweet both cooked and raw eat.

Farm Support System


No matter you do have a agricultural experience
please let us to support you and your farm.

Other Notices

It will takes five minutes car driving between farm and intended cottage.
Produce approximately 800-1000 melons from one greenhouse.
Further costs will be occured for young plant and construct greenhouse.
During the time of when you are outside of Japan, Hokusei Farm will deptize for your farmwork.
Hokusei Farm also welcome to purchase harvested melons which you will have an income during residence in Japan.