We offer our original villa plan in Frano famous as a navel of Hokkaido.
The Visitor can open a social network while doing agriculture as second life after the retirement and can enjoy the leisure such as fishing or winter sports.
The staff of the hokkusei farm is pleased to help so that even the visitor of the agriculture for the first experience can begin in peace.
In the villa, an expert architect engaged in villa construction for many years in Niseko provides a villa in accord with the needs of the visitor. 

Villa sales plan example

Plan A Plan B Plan C
Price 20 Million JPN~ Price 33 Million JPN~ Price 56 Million JPN~
villa-picture-a.jpg villa-picture-b.jpg villa-picture-c.jpg
※The picture is an image. ※The picture is an image. ※The picture is an image.
Area of land1000㎡
Meron house1 roof
Grand floor34.78㎡
Second floor34.78㎡
Whole build area69.56㎡
Area of land1000㎡
Meron house1 roof
Grand floor57.00㎡
Second floor55.00㎡
Whole build area112.00㎡
Area of land1000㎡
Meron house1 roof
Grand floor116.76㎡
Second floor88.76㎡
Whole build area205.52㎡
Click picture for model house Click picture for model house Click picture for model house

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Life work support

A Cottage, could be mean to you a beautiful island with tropical fruits. However, there are another idea for you to make your life more beneficial but enjoyable.
Hokusei Chisan introduce different taste of real estate which lease a farmland for who purchase land property includes the construction.
You will have your own farmland where you can learn variety of cultivation especially Melon is the most popular fruit in Hokkaido in summer season.

Surrounding Environment & About Furano

Melon farm

Hokusei Chisan is the first real estate merged with agriculture.

Melon farm

About us

Corporate nameHokuseichisan Co., Ltd.
address 4-52, Kitanomine, Furano, Japan, 076-0034
TEL. +81-167-56-7904 FAX. +81-167-56-7905
President Junji Hayashi
Activity Real estate
Resort life consultant

Hokuseichisan can support foreigners with our professional staff who is capable of speaking
English and Chinese. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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